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Band knife blades

Band knives are flat lengths of narrow steel mounted onto a band style cutting machine. Used to slice, slit or score various materials. It is an endless loop blade that rotates through a slot in the cutting table. We at Rudra, manufacture and provide band knives for a wide array of industries, from leather to foam to paper industries as well. With over 30 years of experience our blades ensure the best possible flexibility and strength to reduce breakage and machine downtime. Thanks to the power and durability of our Band Knife blades we combine quality with a cost effective pricing range. With our Band knife blades being compatible with any make or model of machine, Rudra blades & Edges offers exceptional reliability and productivity.

Band Saw blades

Our partnership for this product is with EBERLE, a German Company which has been ranked among the finest manufacturers of high-performance band saw blades. A band saw can be a powerful tool to cut along a straight line, irregular shapes, curves, and other profiles. Metal cutting band saw blades have bends in the teeth which creates a cut slightly wider than the thickness of the blade, which is important to prevent the blade from getting stuck from being pinched by the metal. The bimetal band saw blades cover the broadest range of sawing applications and materials. Bimetal blades, also known as M42 blades, are cost-effective, provide high performance, and have an excellent fatigue life. Our variable tooth pitch provides increased precision and stability. Ideal for intensive production cutting. Its positive rake angle and variable tooth geometry provide excellent cutting efficiency. Our Blades reduce noise and vibration when cutting structural metals. Eberle uses top-quality carbides, high-speed steel, and extremely wear-resistant coatings to meet a diverse range of applications. They also adjust the tooth geometry and setting, so as to achieve maximum performance and blade life.

Grinding wheels

Grinding is an important operation in the manufacturing industry to get a final product. A grinding wheel performs several operations in grinding and abrasive machining. They can perform the task with very high tolerances and with very specific dimensions to grind the metal from both its exterior and interior. Our wheels are available in different shapes mounted on different forms of Machines for a particular type of work. We provide grinding wheels with higher geometrical accuracy resulting in a more uniform and consistent product. We deal in grinding wheels for the garment, leather, foam, cork, tissue paper, and Eva industries. Backed by decades of experience we can determine the compatibility between various blades and grinding wheels. Finding the right grinding wheel is very important as it enhances the overall productivity of the blade and is thereby more cost-effective. We provide a diverse collection of grinding wheels like -Straight wheel, cup wheel, taper cup wheel, etc. made from a variety of raw materials as per our client's requirement such as Aluminium oxide, CBN, diamond, and powder grinding wheels (new innovation).

Skiving bell Knife

These blades are used in skiving machines that reduce the thickness of a piece of leather by cutting a slice out of the leather’s edge. Primarily used to shape the slope edge or skiving of various parts of leather. The bell knife in a skiver is a bowl-shaped blade that has a sharp rim that does the actual cutting. We at Rudra have been dealing and manufacturing bell knives for over 10+ years. Our product is compatible with any machine's make or model. Using high-quality Japanese steel (alloy steel) results in high productivity and a cost-effective product while maintaining high mileage.

Rotofine® Doctor Blades

Doctor Blades are actually an essential part of commercial printing. The doctor blade is technically a metering blade, controlling the amount of liquid ink that is deposited on a printing cylinder. Rotofine doctor blades can be used for rotogravure and flexographic printing as well as in coating applications using solvent UV and water-based inks. Using "European" steel and "Swiss" technology we have created a product worthy of international standards. Our Blades are manufactured in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and use varied raw materials depending on the client's individual needs. Rotofine® high-density carbon steel has superior hardness with a refined microstructure of small carbides, resulting in longer blade life while retaining printing quality...Read More

Polypropylene "PP" Boards

Polypropylene "PP" Boards is one of the most popular forms of plastic used for the food and beverage industry with cutting boards to food storage containers using the non-toxic material. Also used in the leather and packaging industry polypropylene is a chemical-resistant and non-porous surface that allows minimal moisture absorption. Rudhra Poly® PP boards are designed following FDA guidelines for consumer and industrial cutting board applications and are also widely used for die-cutting applications in leather clicking machines as well as in many other industries where usage of food grade material is compulsory. It has extremely low stress and high impact resistance. Dimensionally stable at different shore hardness levels. It is always completely free of bubbles...Read More

Spares and other parts

We also deal in spare parts for both skiving and splitting machines. We also have a technical team to repair, service, and maintain the splitting and skiving machines...Read More