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As pioneers in the field of manufacturing Blades, Knives, and cutters in India, we gained the knowledge and experience to venture out into different branches within our field. Our in-house product development team would like to bring your attention to "ROTOFINE®" doctor blades. Rotofine can be used for rotogravure and flexographic printing as well as in coating applications using solvent UV and water-based inks. Using "European" steel and "Swiss" technology we have created a product worthy of international standards.


Rotofine® high-density carbon steel has superior hardness with the refined microstructure of small carbides, resulting in longer blade life with the retained printing quality. Rudra's RotoFine® shows 25% wear resistance when compared with other high-end quality products available in the market. Our raw materials range from carbon to stainless steel allowing us to service a variety of clients while also maintaining competitive prices. The blades come in 100m/328ft rolls and the width, thickness, lamella size are customizable based on each client's individual specifications. These doctor blades are available in several varieties and edge configurations.

The following are the standard types of edges we provide:

Standard Edge

This edge has a uniform thickness with a strong blade body. This allows for even doctoring throughout the printing job in all gravure cylinders. The perfectly rounded edge with a specially polished tip guarantees a quick start-up. This is the most frequently used blade as the contact area with the cylinder has low friction with high wear resistance.

Round Edge

This edge is tailor-made for all kinds of flexographic applications in flexible packaging, coating, and corrugated printing. Polished radius ends allow for instant runs. This also reduces the blade's wear and tear and gives optimized colour output. Blades with a small radius are usually used to print products with low accuracy by using ink with low viscidity.

Bevel Edge

There is a high level of stability and consistency at the contact point. The thin edge allows for clean and sharp wipes consistently. Used in coating, flexographic, and gravure printing. Blades with a beveled edge have a lot of flexibility and maintain blade contact with the cylinder at a better angle. Beveled edges with wider angles can help in decreasing the wear of the blade and breaking the frequency of the blade. The smaller the contact area, the greater the ink removal efficiency.

There are several variables that need to be taken into account when it comes to choosing the right kind of blade for your printing needs:

  • Speed of rotation
  • Contact angle
  • Doctor blade pressure
  • Viscosity of the ink

Other factors required to attain maximum utilization include :

  • Proper setup of blade
  • Correct blade holder and end seal
  • Clean and filtered ink
  • Good press maintenance

The blade should always be set at the optimum pressure to create a good wipe; this is done by ensuring that the geometry of the mount and blade is accurate. To ensure that there is no excessive ink, the blades should fit tight without leaving waves and the ink film should be designated only by the roll. Our blade last longer than conventional blades. The pressure exerted by the blade on the cylinders is constant thus eliminating uneven blade wear.

Suitable for high-quality process and solid line work applications Rudra Rotofine® doctor blades are successfully used in both Flexographic and Gravure printing in countries world over. As one of our most recent and successful ventures, our doctor blade technology and production are at par with some of the leading brands worldwide.